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Coronavirus – Ancient Secrets of Immunity and Health Preservation


Preceding otherworldly arousing, the brain is moved by inalienable inner mind thought programs. Because of the manner in which Nature or development capacities, we each come into this world previously transferred in regular adherence to the perpetual laws of nature. No individual escapes this action which works in the psyche and body. These acquired energy designs are what the perpetual laws of nature take a shot at in giving our individual relative beneficial encounters.

The substance idea of these inner mind designs, exists ensuing of the seed standard delivered in past lives.

In light of these recently made excursion seeds, the laws of nature – laws of psyche – show relating universes to fit the ideal models of these seed designs. Each past seed thought which was acknowledged in more profound brain as obvious, duplicates to frame our world after birth. The laws of nature proceed with material indication of the seeds, into full sprout, until the cycle is hindered by cognizant mindfulness.

As a result of these obliviousness based mentalities or thought seeds, the comparing lower mind – rather than undaunted astuteness – must choose between limited options yet follow loyally and create ways of life and connections around which our lives can mirror these lower-nature seed designs, accordingly rehashing this degree of cognizance inconclusively.

Unfortunately, this accidental higher-nature obliviousness is the underlying driver of pretty much every known illness or disease on the planet. Rationale proposes that, at some level, this well established certainty must stretch out into the domain of the obscure or potential illnesses, for example, the present Coronavirus pandemic. As such, anticipation is conceivable which is superior to fix.

In the resting soul state, we’re without soundness, equipoise: our psychological actual balance falls prey to all the laws of contrary energies – great awful, love-scorn, similar to disdain, sickness congruity. All in all, the laws of nature satisfy obliviousness based cognizance flawlessly. It does as such so as to keep us bound to its power. In light of this accidental ‘go wrong’ our daily routine is experienced under the spell of fanciful presence – recognizing exclusively with the transferred birth standard of sickness awareness and all the implications of addictive ways of life. In this manner propagating an endless loop of discovering remedies for circumstances which might have been forestalled. All in all, profound visual impairment proceeds in unendingness until we raise the lower human norm to a better quality: one set up in otherworldly mindfulness. this cycle is the method of increasing Pure Consciousness, the sickles state.

Soul’s longing for advancement

Sooner or later in our life, the spirit’s longing for development and advancement starts surfacing from the inside. When ‘enduring’ turns out to be excessively, an inward exchange along the lines ‘nothing more will be tolerated’, ‘what would i be able to do to get away from this’. Much like scriptural Paul’s blaze headed for Damascus. This blaze snapshot obviously was a glimmer of natural mindfulness which turns out to be plainly cognizable. For some this might be not long after pre-adulthood, for others during some close to home emergencies or an unguarded sense of self second, or a clueless seed of motivation is gotten from another spirit.

In the midst of emergencies, when there’s relatively few choices accessible, we become acutely delicate and caution to life-sparing direction. These prompts compare to divine astuteness: our spirit shouting for what we should do straightaway. For additional life advancement, this spirit tuning in or soul-adjusting is basic.

The spirit’s craving for profound development is one of those musical focuses, when that specific Que, streak or internal brief turns into the impetus to some external handy activity: perhaps a detoxification program prompting inward independence from addictive life examples or some spirit wrecking propensities.

In any case, continually recalling, that, independence from the convincing laws of nature is a cognizant choice.

This is when practices like contemplation and yoga begin establishing connection seeds in the brain, begin mixing the snoozing cognizance into self-request mindfulness. To start with, we won’t think a lot about these practices, however where it counts they resound an otherworldly vibration in us. This reverberation is divine inciting.


Presently, in this specific circumstance, of otherworldly arousing, we’re given the exemplary problem or impasse circumstance. From one perspective, because of this acquired psyche molding – constant pressure, dread and obliviousness – while on the other, interfering with this programmed action requires a cognizant choice to breaking this spirit dozing cycle and possible departure from it into the enlivening level.

Settling on this choice is much the same as self-power arousing from a terrible dream. Despite the fact that we’re resting, we simply realize we should get away from this complaining bad dream. Indeed, even in the fantasy, arousing calls for genuine exertion. Thus lies the piece of information. We’re given the bad dream so as to stir from it. Likewise, with obliviousness based life, we settle on the choice to stir from its horrible presence.

This is the greatest exertion requiring choice we’ll actually make in all our years. Like the fantasy, it calls for quality and mental fortitude. Yet, when we begin we’ll generally stir. The distinction being, the fantasy is a manufacture, a figment, though You are genuine.

And keeping in mind that we’re conceived in to this lower universe of law predominance, at another degree of soul, people are encoded with eternality DNA. Be that as it may, once more, we should deliberately pick eternality.

Essentially, similar to dream arousing, when this inward excursion begins, the objective of interminability and Self-mindfulness gets unmissable. At one point we’ll have built up a degree of awareness from which we will ‘know’ interminability. Be that as it may, among knowing and non-knowing a lot of shedding and internal arousing will have occurred.

Proceeding onward.

Re-adjusting mind-body for extra resistance

Countless are the laws of nature, in this way we can’t line up with every law independently. This is outlandish. In any case, what is conceivable, what is feasible, is re-adjust the psyche so that there is programmed mind-body-wellbeing amicability co-appointment with all the laws of nature at the same time. This is the means by which the invulnerable framework is weaponized in guarding against viral assault, for example, Covid-19. This cycle of vast brain arrangement invigorates the Thymus organ into delivering the necessary share of develop antibodies or white platelets – antigens or microbes – into the invulnerable framework, which at that point travel through a currently reinforced circulatory framework bringing further wellbeing mixed oxygen to all aspects of the body..

This way to deal with illness free wellbeing presents a totally different dynamic for the common individual to start into our lives sans cost and normal.

The Three Gunas of Nature

Let us presently address these incalculable laws of nature by their umbrella titles. They go under what the eternal Bhagavad-Gita calls the three gunas. These three gunas are the characteristics or elements working inside every one of us from birth, the laws of nature, as referenced prior. Picking up information on guna association is the place where genuine profound tutoring starts. It’s from here – from this working on comprehension – that genuine actual wellbeing, prosperity and soul freedom sets up unmistakably in awareness.

The three Gunas are:

Sattva – congruity, goodness, otherworldliness

Rajas – enthusiasm, movement, aspiration

Tamas – latency, bluntness, sloth

By and large these three components of nature are liable for all creation, upkeep and disintegration. Such is the way actual creation and development proceed in ceaselessness everlastingly.

As we can watch, each guna has a specific quality or nature. Furthermore, at specific stages in our day to day existence, one of these characteristics might be the prevailing guna, or any pair of gunas associating with one another. All in all, we can be feeling happily cheerful one day and following day the opposite – the gunas vie for predominance over our unrestrained choice. Bhagavad-Gita alludes to this exchanging action as the gunas following up on gunas. This is the reason we don’t get appended even to Sattva standard since it also is authoritative. However, what is consistent and non-restricting is Pure Sattva. This state speaks to soul freedom which is increased through standard contemplation.

And keeping in mind that every one of the three gunas are available all the while at the top of the priority list body, the Higher Self or Soul, being supernatural lies past the gunas, past maturing and rotting. In that lies THE mystery of amazing wellbeing. The supernatural condition of unruffled quiet is really the torpid marvel anticipating a cognizance through which to reflect. We can each be that Prism of cognizance.

The human spirit sets out in life from the tamas-rajas level. Afterward, raja guna spikes us champion like to investigate the mother lodes of the material world, assets and fake joy. Later once more, through development – or burnout – we find that the material belongings and fake bliss are not giving that naturally searched subsequent to ‘something’. That sub-landscape nature of internal space, harmony and joy, or, Pure Sattva. This Pure Sattva state can exist close by the disordered world movement. We don’t need to self-disconnect in a cavern or cloister. No, we carry on with ordinary lives in whichever cultural culture we’re naturally introduced to.

Directing Scriptures to Bliss-cognizance

Here are some great sacred writings, each communicating the very same message of wellbeing, harmony and freedom.

The Bible states: Jesus stated, “First look for ye the realm of paradise (Perfection) and all else will be added” (added unto cognizance.)

At that point, in the godlike 5,000 years of age Bhagavad-Gita, section two refrain 45, Lord Krishna states: “Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna, liberated from duality” which means, liberated from rule of contrary energies, the laws of nature..

These two crucial sacred texts are both giving similar methods for picking up contact the Transcendent Divine Principle dormant inside all people, paying little mind to our way of life.

Once more, Jesus stated: “My realm isn’t of this world” which means, that, Pure Coconsciousness isn’t of ti


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