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No Wind, No Rain But


Something new and abnormal is going to transpire! Those that will endure the current worldwide misery and confusion are those that will strikingly stroll on the expression of God by confidence. They will be prepared to act and comply with in any event, when they see no actual motivation to do as such. They will proceed onward his order when there is no sign or indication to depend upon. Indeed, God utilizes signs and indications to lead or exhibit his power, yet in some cases you additionally observe him moving without them. He isn’t attached to signs. He isn’t tied examples, strategies, time, functions, history, conclusions and areas. He is just endless limited by his words and character. He does what he needs whenever, in any case and anyplace. He can visit you with no pre-signs. Simply accept and obey what you are understanding now and you will see those things happen. Hear him out now, “This is the thing that the LORD says: This dry valley will be loaded up with pools of water! You will see neither breeze nor downpour, says the LORD, yet this valley will be loaded up with water. You will have bounty for yourselves and your cows and different creatures.” 2Kings 3:16-17. Did you hear that? Is it true that you are certain?? You won’t perceive any signs, yet the supernatural occurrences must come. That valley (need) in your life will be loaded up with new water (endowments) for you and you will likewise have abundance to dispense to other people. Stunning!

You definitely know this story well overall. These soldiers from Israel and Judah planned to war and they went to a point in the desert where there was no water for them and their creatures – ponies and camels. They were getting got dried out and frantic. Furthermore, without prompt arrangement, they were all going to die or be effectively overwhelmed by the adversaries. No water, no assistance and no arrangement. Not so much as a weak sign that there would be sprinkling that night to at any rate give them an expectation. My God! Outrageous misery! Is it accurate to say that you are as of now experiencing a similar circumstance? It resembles you will die in this and the more awful, there isn’t even any impression plan to hold tight. You know now and then it gets so terrible, yet you actually figure out how to cling to something or to a guarantee regardless of whether it isn’t exceptionally certain. In any case, there was nothing they could hold tight. They were totally abandoned in center of that dusty dry desert. They couldn’t propel, they couldn’t withdraw and they didn’t know of what will occur straightaway. Amidst that disarray, the LORD talked through his worker and guaranteed them that he was bring a quick however emotional and a phenomenal answer for them. Also, what right? Despite the fact that there was not going to be downpour, wind or any development in the mists, yet they would before long have all that anyone could need water to drink and take care of their creatures. What’s more, not simply that, they will eventually proceed to vanquish their adversaries. Triumph! Here, we are looking at illuminating your present difficulties, yet God will make you a complete victor. No water no downpour except for water will stream!

Be that as it may, for what reason did God pick the breeze and the downpour as he talked through his prophet? The breeze assumes a critical function in watering the earth. With the assistance of the sun, it guarantees the dissipation, assortment of ocean water to the mists and furthermore assists with cutting it down. The quality and heading of the breeze additionally directs the course and power of the downpour in a spot. So normally, for the Israelites to have a desire for inexplicable water in that desert there ought to at any rate be a type of development in the mists. The water must originate from the downpour and the downpour with the breeze. In any case, there would have been nothing similar to that. Also, no downpour implies no water to drink. Also, no water to drink will convert into absolute getting dried out and unavoidable passing. Furthermore, their passing will be a programmed triumph for their foes! God knew all these and how edgy the circumstance was and still said that he will sidestep all the known, common meteorological cycles and guaging to give water to them. All things considered, he made and controls the breeze, the downpour and the water. Presently, he will likewise sidestep all conventions to accommodate you. He will sidestep all human, normal and monetary estimations and desires to answer your supplications in Jesus name! However, you should likewise get readied. They should make space to get the supernatural occurrence. They should burrow trench (channels) to hold, gather the water when it in the end comes. Proceed to get readied. Your compliance, availability and astuteness are likewise required in this cycle of liberation coming to you. Expectation you are getting that? Sure?? On the off chance that they didn’t comply with his prophet and burrowed the channels, they would have still died in light of the fact that the wonder would have been squandered. Plan for your redemption is coming. Put on your moving shoes. Truly, it must come! They got the supernatural occurrence and furthermore vanquished their adversaries.


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